This One Reminds Me Of… | Newborn Photographer, San Luis Obispo

All curled up and cozy, this reminds me of a little egg.  Look how tiny his hands are next to Daddy’s, too.  I could stare at this little face all day….

  • Shallyse said:

    I love the image in the cocoon - perfect newborn portrait for spring!

  • sweet and fresh, just how newborn portraits should be1

  • Pamn said:

    Love the one with Dad - beyond precious!

  • Christie said:

    So precious and tiny, I just adore these! Congrats to the family on their new beautiful boy!

  • Marci Ralph said:

    Perfectly hatched and captured for spring! Lovely newborn work!

  • alej keigan said:

    so gorgeous and clean! sweet little one.

  • Paula said:

    These are too precious!

  • Lina said:

    These are absolutely sweet! Nice job!